The austerity issue

Task: chose one of the 3 main words to research and find a photographer who succeeds in telling a story with the same theme you have chosen.

endiaferon reports for a website called ‘demotix’, which is an online forum for freelance photojournalist’s. He is from Athens and his photography mainly revolves around citizen journalism and human rights photography. The images were taken on the 5th may 2010 in Athens, which there was a mass protest against austerity.

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The protest on the 5th may was one of the biggest that has taken place in 15 years, concerning the ‘greek debt crisis’. The amount of people who attended the widespread protest is unknown however it has been estimated that 100,000 to a massive 500,000 citizens turned up to walk calmly and protest in peace through the centre of Athens. However a small percentage decided to attempt to storm parliament and create anrachy in order to get their message across.



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