Visual language

Task: For this task we had to select 3 films of the same genre, 3 photographs of the same genre and 3 paintings of the same genre. After choosing we had to list elements that contributed/ defined the genre in the media and discuss.

For the three photographs i chose black and white landscape photogprahy. Sally_Mann_Deep_South_03This image is by Sally Mann it does not have an individual name, however it is part of a series called southern landscapes. With this image it looks to have been taken in a forest or a park. And it comes across to be quite eerie, with only being able to see empty space which looks like a place you would regularly see people out and about.

reflection_in_bw_blogThis photo was taken by Jeff Lynch and is named reflection. It didn’t provide a location on the website, this image seems to have taken place by either a forest or a busy row of trees and a river. By both the trees and river being fully included in the image, you get the feeling of calmness and tranquility as the trees are not moving from the slightest breeze and the river hasn’t even got a ripple along it.

morning_mist_by_nilgunkaraThis image was taken by Nilgun Kara and was left unnamed. The ground comes across as a sandy/beach texture. And with the tree’s not having any leaves on them at all, leaves you with the conclusion that this image was taken in the desert. It comes across as been a deserted and ‘dry’ place.

With all three photo’s i chose they share the black and white landscape theme. The images feature around quite strong nature ties by including the tree’s, all three images come across as being quite calm and peaceful.  As well as being lonely and deserted.


For choosing the three paintings i decided to look at abstract art.

market-at-minhoSonia Delaunay painted this piece and it was named Market at Minho. The colours used are very bright and bold. A circle shape seems to be quite predominant in this image especially towards the left of the painting. Some of the circles seem to make up people, in the middle the figure seems to be holding a baby. This image could represent motherhood, as it is very life changing and rewarding. Which is what the bright colours could be representing. Also towards the top of the painting there is a bridge, which would symbolise a ‘journey’.

van goghThis painting is by Vincent Van Gough named olive tree’s. It uses fairly similar colours, none of which stand out too much apart from the white at the top which are the clouds in the painting. In the background just under the sky there are darker shades of blue which seem to be hills/ mountains, some with tree’s on top of them. Further down the painting there are tree’s with what seems to be a pathway which goes from the middle to the right. This painting could represent a unknown/ difficult journey which is about to be taken.

img_130119_e5e52f05a62b07b608eda253e7c0db65This painting was done by Leonid Afremov and was left unnamed. The painting is quite colourful at the top where the leaves are on the tree’s and on the pathway being walked on.

For films i chose the genre of sic-fi

etThe first film i chose to look at was E.T. It covers the story of a young boy who finds an alien near his home. He, his brother and younger sister, decide to keep the alien and look after it in secret in their family home. However the existence of the alien is found out and government officials are wanting to track it down. This film features aliens and a spaceship crashing which is very popular when it comes to sic – fi movies. The government are interested in capturing the alien, which helps further the plot of the young boy and his siblings to take care and send the alien back to where ever it comes from.

independence dayThe second film i looked at was independence day. The plot of this film is a mysterious spaceship is found hovering in the sky in washington. It turns out they are alien spaceships wanting to destroy the world. The spaceships are the obvious signifier that this is a sci- fi movie.

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