Travel assignment

DSCF9500 DSCF9495Task: Go to a place which you have not been to before and take an image of that place and someone or something which was there.

When i was given this assignment i was going to London for the weekend. I had a lot of choices when it came to deciding where to go, i decided in the end to visit covent garden as it is an area which is very popular in London, yet i hadn’t been yet. Walking around covent garden i found a market called the Jubilee market hall.

The two images above are the images i have chosen for ‘a picture of the place’ and ‘a picture of someone/something there’. The first picture clearly shows the outside of the market as well as other stalls and potential customers browsing. The second image which is to describe what i saw, was a stall with metal signs. The signs had either well known or iconic images or sayings on them e.g. ‘keep calm and carry on’. Also it included street plaques for covent garden and other popular parts of London.

Other images i also took when i was there were:

DSCF9500 DSCF9499 DSCF9498 DSCF9496 DSCF9492 DSCF9493


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