Portraits- unsuccessful & successful images

Task : Find an image taken by a photographer which is successful and an image taken by a different photgrapher  which is`nt.

Image one: Sally Mann- Candy cigarette 1969

Sally mann is known to use her own children as subjects in her photography. In this particular image it shows a young girl dressed in white with what seems to be a real cigarette. Behind her are two other children one boy and and girl both with their backs to the main girl in the image. The image was taken in their family home in Virginia, sally mann later states that the cigarette her daughter is holding is in fact made out of bubblegum. I think the photographer was successful in taking this image. As it not only captures an issue which was not only relevant in the 1960’s but can still apply to children today, which is children maturing beyond their years. By using her own children in this particular photograph it shows its an issue which is important to her and wanting to emphasise this to other parents who may be in similar situations.

references: http://soniasaraiya.com/post/27987113626/candy-cigarette-1969-by-sally-mann-sally-mannshttp://artblart.com/tag/sally-mann-candy-cigarette/(where i got the image from)manncandy-cigarette

Image two: This second image is of actress Blake lively it was taken during a marie claire photo shoot during 2012. I think this image is not successful as the subject does not seem to show much facial emotion.  Her hair  seems to be covering part of her face, this makes it difficult to recognise who the person is straight away. She also is not making eye contact with the camera lens, which might make the viewer feel she is disconnected in the image. This might have been because the photographer did not build up much of a rapport before the image was taken meaning the subject would have not felt very comfortable. Or alternatively this was the image both the photographer and subject were going for, however this doesn’t come across clearly to the viewer.


references: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/gossip-girl-off-set/images/8917986/title/blake-lively-photoshoot-marie-claire-magazine-photo






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