News research task

Task: Chose a recent news story and find two different types of coverage for that news story. Discuss the two different approaches to the same story.

I chose the news story of the duchess of Cambridge’s uncle Gary goldsmith giving an exclusive interview to the popular Hello! magazine. The first news website i looked at was the daily mail online which the article was published in the early hours on the 19th of march. The second source was the hello news website. Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 23.26.25 Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 23.26.15

The daily mail article is a lot more detailed. The headline and bullet point underneath sum up the majority of the article and ‘key’ events which has happened. The rest of the article goes more into the story which is features in the magazine. But also ‘background’ information about Gary goldsmith and the Middleton family. It also uses images from official events the couple and family have attended. As well as a print screen of a page from the actual article.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 22.42.16

The second article is from the hello news website. This article is quite short, roughly outlining what the interview consists of in the actual magazine. It only features two images from the actual magazine article and the front cover of the magazine the article has been published in.

The main difference between these two articles is the amount of information included in them. The daily mail’s is vastly longer, in doing this they are giving the reader the actual news story, and telling them about the interview without the reader having to go out and necessarily buying the magazine them selves. The hello magazine was noticeably shorter, however in doing this they entice the reader to go out and buy the magazine and they even provide you of an image of the front of the magazine, to ensure you buy the correct one.

The adresser of these text’s would in the daily mails case be the reporter (Paul Harris), however in the Hello! article it doesn’t stake a reporters name so in this case it would be the online Hello! magazine.

The adresser of these texts would be either a predominant female audience for the Hello! article. However for the daily mail’s article it would be a lot more mixed in that a male audience would also be viewing this article, and the age group would probably be a bit older than Hello’s!.


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