What is genre? Genre is a system used to categorise film, books etc into specific groups e.g comedy, thriller.

There are certain semiotics in films which help us to decide what genre it is.

1. Cinderella –  Genre – Fairytale  Sub genre – animation, romance

Cinderella-DVD-Cover Cinderella is one of the most iconic fairytales. The signifiers in this film which let us know it is a fairytale, they start with ‘once upon a time’ and end with ‘and they lived happily ever after’. contain magical elements e.g animals sing with the main characters and help perform chores (the mice help cinderella to make a dress for the ball). Contain good characters (cinderella) and bad characters (the wicked step mother). This helps children from a young age grasp the understanding of good overcomes evil. A majority seem to include royalty. In the starting credits of cinderella the signifiers of a fairytale are there. e.g. the horse and carriage, castles. And it includes ‘girly-ish’ and bright colours, flowers.

2. The proposal.Genre: comedy     Sub-genre: rom- com , drama

220px-The_Proposal Usually set in densely populated cities or workplaces, the music used is normal everyday music or at some points romantic songs, two main characters usually start off as just ‘friends’ or don’t see each other in a romantic light, an event happens which changes the chemistry between the pair , essentially creating a romantic relationship between the two. Towards the middle of the film an event will happen which will change the chemistry between the pair. This results in the end with the couple finally able to see each other in a romantic way.

3. Shutter island – Genre – Thriller  Sub- genre: drama


The lighting is usually low and dull. Music can be slow and go high pitched at times to create suspense, the plot revolves around an investigation or a mystery. violence is often included, often reveals something about an institution e.g. the government. The main character/investigator will usually be seen as the ‘good’ character in the film.

4. harry potter – Genre- fantasy  Sub- Genre: sci- fi


Good vs evil, includes wizards and sorceress’s, supernatural creatures, quests, magical objects. Most things from this genre is more fantasy and imaginative rather than a sci-fi, which would include aliens and spaceships.



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