Week 5 & Reflection

For this lecture we looked at artificial lighting, and the reasons you might need to use it e.g. if the lighting is already too dull or the colour tone is wrong. You are able to add extra lighting by adding reflectors or flash. We were given silver/foil bags which acted as reflectors, and experiemented in taking images with them. From the light reflecting on these bags it added extra light to the subjects face. We also looked at studio lighting and the different types and ways you can take images using them.  For our practical task we had to take a series of images of both artificial lighting and natural lighting. We also made flash defuser’s for our camera by taping some card around the flash, this means we still get the light from the flash but its not as harsh as it can be at times.

Reflection:  Being given the reflectors helped as photography equipment can be very expensive so having a simple piece of equipment like that helped to demonstrate you can use cheaper  alternative props which will work just as well as a regular piece of equipment bought from a shop. One of the things i found difficult about this workshop was when taking test pictures with the reflectors, was trying to position it close enough so if effects the subjects face but far enough so it doesnt set seen in the picture.


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