Week 4 & Reflection

During this lesson we focused on aperture and how to use it correctly. We also looked at how to change the aperture settings on our cameras and the effects on an image when the aperture has been changed. The higher the f stop the more light will be let in, meaning in some cases the image can look a bit too bright and washed out. We were shown a slideshow, showing many examples of aperture and how depth of field can help with the story telling of an image. story telling aperture (wide DOF), single themes aperture (shallow DOF) and critical aperture. Our practical task for this lesson was to go out and take pictures of signs using apertures so we can blur out the background and focus on the sign. DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014

Reflection: The lesson was useful as aperture is used alot in photography, so learning how to do it correctly was important. However for our task which was to go outside and take pictures of signs using the aperture, i am very dissapointed with the images i produced. They are all blurry, the first image seems to be the least blurry though. What might have gone wrong is i have put the wrong aperture setting on, and i did not manage to keep the camera very still causing the slightest of movements to blur the pictures completely. If i were to do this task again i would have ensured the aperture settings were correct before carrying out the task.


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