Week 1 & Reflection

This was our first lesson for introduction to photography, we went through what we will be learning during the next few weeks, and the projects we will be doing. There are 5 tasks in total which we will get one each week and have the whole week to complete it. The first task is the use of light and is based on the theme of halloween, the secound is aperture size on the theme of markets, the third was types of lenses at a sporting event, the forth is shutter speed at tropical world and the last task is special techniques based on the theme of urban landscape. After going through what we will be learning during the first semester, we looked at the different types of lighting, and the effects it can have on an object when placed in different positions. e.g. front light, back light and side light.

Our practical for this lesson we had to go out on the uni campus and take photo’s of objects or people which demonstrate the different lighting positions.

Reflection: It was interesting going through all the topics we were going to cover over the semester, and the main tasks we were going to be completing. The task was also helpful as it made me realise just how important lighting is, if you take a picture of an object which has back lighting you lose a lot of the detail in the front of the object. Before this task i would have usually put a flash on, but sometimes with the certain types of lighting it can create a harsh effect.


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