Lenses – Netball match

IMG_3709 IMG_3710 IMG_3714 IMG_3720 IMG_3723 IMG_3724 IMG_3725 IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3729 IMG_3730 IMG_3769 IMG_3771 IMG_3772 IMG_3773 IMG_3774 IMG_3775 IMG_3778 IMG_3779 IMG_3780 IMG_3781 IMG_3782 IMG_3783 lenses 2 lenses 3 lenses 4 lensesThe brief was to take 5-15 images using different types of lenses during a sporting event. I went to one of the girls netball matches in carnegie stadium to take the images. I used both a normal lens and a separate lens on a canon SLR camera. What i found difficult about this task was when using a zoom lens and trying to follow the players around quick enough to take the image. What i found enjoyable was experiementing with the different types of lenses. If i was to do this task again i would ensure i had more lenses with me so i could  experiement with taking more images e.g. a fish eye lens.









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