Apperture – Tropical world

DSCF9058 - Copy DSCF9058 DSCF9059 - Copy DSCF9059 DSCF9061 - Copy DSCF9072 DSCF9073 DSCF9074 - Copy DSCF9108 DSCF9109 DSCF9119 DSCF9149 DSCF9178 DSCF9191 DSCF9192

For this task we had to take pictures using the aperture settings on my camera, for this i went to tropical world. I had to put the aperture setting on my camera quite high in order to capture the images ‘frozen’. What i enjoyed about this task was using different appertures and having things to experiement on e.g. the buttlerflies and the waterfall. What i found difficult about this task was at first getting the hang of using appertures, as my first few pictures were quite blurry.


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