Week 6 – Workshop & Reflection

For the first part of our workshop we went through the difference between primary and secoundary sources. Primary sources is where you collect the information yourself, and secoundary sources is where someone else has collected it, so this could be getting information from another persons article and using parts of it in your own. And we also went over the legal implications when it comes to journalism and copyright. Towards the end of the session we were given the outline for our first 800 word article, which we get to chose what we write about. We also need to take a minimum of 3 pictures for the article taken by ourselves. My first draft about this article was going to be about the student protetsts which happend in 2010 as i attended them and had friends who i could collect a lot of primary research from, however i didnt have any images of my own to use for this article. So i decided to change it to the the influence celebrities have on teenagers.

Reflection: Going through the different types of primary and secoundary sources was quite interesting as i was able to learn the difference clearly between the pair. Being given our first article outline allowed me to start planning what i wanted my article to be about, and gave me enough time to draft it properly, ask people questions which would count towards my primary research and plan the photo’s i needed for the article.


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