Week 4 – Workshop & Reflection

For this workshop we had two tasks to complete, which were writing an article for two different topics. We were able to chose a topic out of a small list given to us. For my first article i wrote about Adele releasing the new james bond theme tune that week, the article spoke about much of the anticipation for the new song by the popular singer and the reactions of the public with her new single. I also included an image of the official cover picture for the new song from google . My secound article was about the london olympic stadium and what was going to happen with it, i also included 4 images of the stadium in a gallery on the blog post. After finishing our articles we were advised to catch up on reflections and any work we might have fallen behind on.

Reflection: I chose to write about the two topics i knew the most about, as they have been spoken about a great deal over the last few weeks. Although i did have some knowledge of both the stories, in order to write the article i had to use secoundary resources. This meant i had to look at other peoples articles on the topics i chose to write about. After finishing the articles i was then able to catch up on some of the work i had fallen behind on, meaning i didnt have to worry about it the next week.


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