Summary & Reflection

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 15.24.48Overall i enjoyed the project, and liked giving in the different parts of the work during the weeks. One of the things i found easy about the course is having a task each week, which allowed me to focus on the main task given. And therefore write and research as much as i could in detail. One of the things i found difficult about the project, is if you fell behind on one of the tasks it can make the rest of the tasks a bit more difficult, as it meant you had to complete the previous weeks task as well as the new weeks task. The tasks we were given were usually worded in a question, i liked the work being given to us this way as a lot of it is left to interpretation and it allows you to develop your own ideas for the work being asked. Some of the tasks also gave me the chance to research into things i would normally not have usually looked into . Such as propaganda in nazi germany and the chance to visit the impressionist gallery in Bradford. 

Reflection: The summary was mainly my difficulties with the project and the parts i enjoyed. The project in general was interesting as each task was different to the previous one and covered a different variety of topics. This meant the project was not boring as you were not researching and writing about the same topics every week.





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