Social comment & Reflection

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 15.09.39

This image was created by Banksy. Banksy is an established ‘artist’ and is espically known for his work in London, as many of his ‘works’ are on the side of buildings and in public areas for all to see. His work has strong polictal value’s and in relation to do with society. On the identity front Banksy still remains anymous in terms of what he looks like and his real name, which is a major advantage so he can carry on creating pieces of ‘art’ in and around London. This image in particular features disney worlds Mickey Mouse on the left, and ronald mcdonald which is an iconic character who represents the worldwide food chain mcdonalds and in the middle is a victim from the vietnam war. It was an attack with (tear gas?) which harmed many people and was so lethal that it burned off the clothes she was wearing. This image is very ironic as both characters promote happiness and are favoured by many children around the world, however the child they are featured with is in much pain and distress. And it might also coincide with the capitalsm is our society today, both characters represent major chains which make billions of pounds on an annual basis. Also both charcters were created in the USA, and the bombings which has harmed the child in the middle was from american soldiers in the vietnam war.

Reflection: We were asked to chose an iamage which makes a social comment. Things to include when writing about social comment were what techniques were used and how effective the comment was. I chose to write about a banksy piece. I find banksy fascinating, a lot of his works include some type of social comment, and usually reference what he thinks is wrong with the world today. This image in particular i felt had the most to say in terms of social comment.

Images i took from google : banksy-2


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