Propaganda – Refection

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What is propaganda? Propaganda is when a group of people try to persuade a community/mass of people a specific biased message. They maintain that their viewpoint is correct, and the people who do not share their thoughts are incorrect . A weapon which is usually used to convey this is through types of media e.g posters which are posted all around a city, this allows their message to be recieved by a large amount of people.

A prime example of this would be nazi Germany. Hitler came into power in 1933, and between him and the government they were able to ‘brainwash’ citizens into beleiveing many things, including not socialising with people with jewish origins. They were able to demonstate this to the public by burning book which did not fit the nazi criteria of a well run country. They were so adament about this idea and taking over many of the countries in europe such as poland, that it started a war between germany and England.

This image is advertising world war 2 against England, and encouraging germas to join the army to fight for their country. The man who is the central figure of the image, has been designed with many weapons. This would be encouraging germas to think violence is good, and the fact they have many weapons to fight with, will help them to win the war against England.

The hand sign which is being pulled in this image, is iconic for nazi germany. Having many hands in this image which is not of soldiers, may encourage the general public to feel being apart of this extreme movement is bringing everybody together. There has even been some childrens hands which have been included. So the message being given out would be all of germany united.

This poster is of Hitler waving the flag with the nazi symbol on it, with his soldiers in the background also waving the nazi flag. This is making hitler to look good, as he has his army in quite a large number behind him. Also behind his head the clouds have parted and the sun is shining over hitlers head. The message this particular part of the poster would want to communicate with the public is as though hitler is doing what god wants, and therefore the people who share his values and fight for the country will also be in gods favour.

This poster relates to the act Hitler and the government carried out after a short while of Hitler being in power. This was when books were burnt in a public space were these books not share the same ideas and values the german government at the time.

Reflection: Although nazi germany is one of the most terrible things which has happend in history, it was interesting in researching not only the historical part which we have been taught in school but also the propaganda part. I had never realised how important and how clever propaganda is when it comes to changing a large group of peoples mind on a certain topic. Something germany obviously done well otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to ‘brainwash’ so many people into what their attitudes and values were. I not only used online research to help me, i also went to the library and took out books which i thought would help me understand nazi germany a bit more.

bibliography: The hitler state – Martin Broszat

Nazism 1918- 45 – M.J Thornton

The limits of public choice – Lars Udehn


Images i have taken from google: Hitler depicted as savior to Germany PropagandaNaziStabsBible nazi-propaganda-poster-during-war


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