PDF is finished!!!


The final draft of my PDF has now been uploaded on to issu and transformed into a magazine. The process of actually finishing the pdf was quite a lengthy one, as you start to turn into a perfectionist when it comes to the layout in general. When it came to uploading it onto issuu it was a lot easier than i thought it was going to be, and took under ten minutes for it to be published. When i first had the pdf open most of my images didn’t open with the document, which at first i thought i had to individually place each image back onto the right pages. But i was shown a quicker way which meant by placing one of the images in to the document, allowed the rest of the images to also be placed back in. my PDF documentOverall i think my PDF went well, and it well presented. However i understand there is a lot of text which has been included. One thing to improve this project would be to take out some of the unnecessary wording which has caused it all to bulk up. Although towards the end of the document i have included more images which help to demonstrate the point that i am making. I also took some books out from the library to help me with my project so i could have a type of primary research, instead of information on the internet which has been changed and mediated.


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