Once upon a time & Reflection

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Cinderlla is a fairytale which was at first a story book. However it is mianly known for the animaed movie created in the 1950’s by walt disney. The basic outline of the story is a young girl named Cinderella becomes an orphan, she lives in her childhood home with her stepmother and two step- sistsers. Since Cinderella has no living relatives this has allowed her ‘wicked’ step mother to get away with treating her cruely and making cinderella the house slave, meaning she has to do all the chores. There is a ball in the kingdom for the young prince charming to find a suitable wife. Cinderella who is not treated as an equal in the household has been forbidden to attend the ball. However her fairy god moth appears and magically transforms cinderella into a fairytale ball gown and transportation to arrive at the ball in ‘style’. She meets the prince and they fall in love straight away, because of the spell her fairy god mother has used it means she has to leave before midnight when the spell will wear off. Before leaving cinderella drops one of her glass slippers which the prince picks up, and orders his men to search the whole kingdom until they find the young woman who was wearing the slipper at the ball, the woman of his ‘dreams’.

he men search far and wide all around the kingdom to find this fair maiden, cinderellas step mother ensures cinderella is oblivious and out of the way when the men turn up, but she manages to catch them before they leave so she also has a chance to try on the glass slipper. The step mother trips one of the men up ending up in the glass slipper being smashed into tiny pieces. At this point cinerella ensures the men its fine and brings out the secound glass slipper. This results in both cinerella and her prince charming getting married and living ‘happily ever after’. 

This fairytale has been a ‘classic’ for many years for children growing up. It in a symbolises no matter how bad you feel your life is, it can always get better. However many people have commented on the fact this story could be sending children the wrong message. The lesson children could mistakely be learning is if your marry someone famous or rich after a short period of time, you too will be happy and have your happy ending. 

Reflection: For the once upon a time task we researched into an image which tells a story. Although i have not chosen one central image to be depicted, i chose an image which from the character, its story is known all around the world. This was cinderella, simply from seeing an image of the main character herself or simply a screenshot from the disney film, you are able to recall the story in your mind straight away. This was an enjoyable task as it allowed me to look at a variety of images which telles stories, some which are more self explanitory like the cinderella image, and some images which allowed both your interpretation and imagination to take over. If i was to change this piece, i would have added some examples of images and compared it to the story i had chosen.

images i got from google:




http://singlegirlsurvivalguide.com/2012/02/22/an-la-cinderella-story/tumblr_mc9id8wesc1qew09z cinderella2 tumblr_ll7amwSLFN1qb0jw0 cinderella4


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