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This image is part of a series to do with scale photography, in this case the subject is bigger than their surroundings, much like the fairytale alice in wonderland and jack and the beanstalk. In both fairytales some sort of magic is involved to cause these drastic size changes, Alice drinks out of a bottle labelled ‘Drink me’ which casues her to grow and also shrinks during the story. The building the the girl is standing in front of seems to be ‘prison like’ it may be a school etc. With the facial expression of the girl looking quite unhappy, a type of magic may have been used for her to drasticly grow bigger than the building behind her, whether this magic be in her mind or through a prob e.g. magical beans/ drinks. The young girl seems to be rebelling against the institution, she has a text book in her arms with what seems to be pieces of paper flaoting in the water in the shape of boats. It could also represent rebellion of mainstream itself. The young girl is wearing a red dress, the colour can connote hatred, anger and rebeliion.Many people do what they are told by others and society, the subject in this image might be fed up with following the ‘rules’. This image tells a story of a girl who has outgrown her childhood. The book could symbloise a book of fairytales and she’s throwing them away as she feels she has outgrown them. When you are younger everything including buildings seems to be massive, in this picture you can still tell the building is a fair size but since the girl has also grown it shows she has had a rushed childhood.

Fashion is an industry which has which has been going for centuries and they still have the same values today as they did when they first started which is the the size zero craze. In fashion you are not condisdered or beautiful or normal if you are not the same size as a model. There has been many campaigns for fashion modeling to include curves but this has been very rare. Many fashion brands have been known to photoshop the models used in the advertisements to make them look even thinner. This would encourage women to think they are not worthy enough to wear such brands and to alter themselves to do so. Girls are concious from a very young age about sizes and how they look. This can encourage girls to think whether they fit in the ‘norm’

Alot of fashion models are already skinny from the job they have, however the computer programmes photoshop is usually used when editing pictures for fashion companies. Every so often there is a flaw which has been over looked when editing an image. For example this image the womans hand has been edited way to much showing the image has clearly been tampered with, this might have been a tempt to make her hand etc to look thinned then they actually are. This again gives out the negative message of even if women are not skinny enough to feature on fashion adverts they are to be photoshopped.

This was an ad campaign by ralph lauren advertising their jeans range. This particular image caused quite a stir as the model featured in the ad is very skinny. When it comes to the world of fashion seeing skinny models has now become the norm. But it seems the fashion idustry has taken this concept too far, as the models featured for premium fashion labels such as ralph lauren are getting thinner. As a whole people are now becoming used to seeing images such as this, therefore thinking it is the norm and being inadeqate.

The film stepford wives (2004) also encourages this message, of a idealistic woman. TThe basic outline of the story is the remote town of stepford has a small population where everyone knows each other. A new family moves into the town, but the wife joanna soon realises she does not fit in with the other ‘perfect, obedient and well groomed’ women. One by one different female characters of the town seems to be turning into this ‘perfect prototype’.  She soons realises the private mens ‘club’ have been plotting to insert micro chips into the womens brains to transform them into the perfect house wives. She is finally been micro chipped, and now seems to match the other women in the town. At the end of the film her husband was too reluctant to turn her into a ‘robot’ The main culpurit who was behind the whole idea of turning these women into robots turns out to also be a robot. Who was constructed by his ‘wife’. This dennotes that as a female the woman didnt feel confortable enough to show off her talent and knowledge as she was a brilliant mechanic. She felt she had to be the perfect housewife and the men should be the ones who have the knowledge and final say over things.

Reflection: For this task we were asked to find an image which shows a journey, whether it be educational or metaphorical. I chose an image which at first seemeed to only refer to scale photograpghy. However the further i went in depth about the image other theme’s and topics in relation to the themes of journeys and which relate to the image started to emerge. The fairytale alice in wonderland holds similarities to the picture, as both characters are different sizes from their surroundings. The reason alice changed was because of a ‘magical’ drink which allows us to look at the original image and ask if there too is any magical properties to do with it. It also bought the fashion world into it, as in fashion it has become the norm to see very skinny women and models in general. The fashion world encourages this, as though you are not normal if you are that size. Finally the 2004 film stepford wives was also relateable, as in this film all the women were being turned into robots and changing into the ‘perfect’ woman. Which meant they were good wives, mothers and more importantly did as they were told. From looking at this image it allows you to make your own conclusion as well as recognising similar attributes from society.

images i got from google:

Juvenile-Alice-in-Wonderland-Big-Alice images drink-me_alice-shrinks1 julia-fullerton-batten imgres-1

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