Is student life becoming more sexist?

Sexism can be found anywhere and has been around for many years, although it being the 21st century the media doesnt quite comment on it as much as it used too, which might give you the idea sexism is finally dieing down. Some think this isnt the case for universities, you would think a place where being a student you can feel equal to everyone around you age and gender is not taken into account when it comes to making new friends and studying for your degree. However in the last few years of new students going to universities, places such as night clubs and bars have had to constantly reinvent themselves in order to get the students to go there on a night out. Many of these club even have themed nights where it gives the students a chance to wear fancy dress and in most cases allows them to have more of a laugh when their in town. When the topic was bought up of student life becoming more sexist, it allows you to examine these ‘themed’ nights more closely and see they are not as innocent and about a laugh then you first thought. The themed night ‘pimps and hoes’ has proved a popular fancy dress night with students, meaning girls have no choice but to demean themseleves by wearing the skimpy outfits their nightclub of choice requires. Since the number of people who are going out are going down because they dont have much money, especially the part about no money where students are concered. Bars and night clubs are having to be a lot more creative when it comes to advertiesing their nightclubs to ensure the numbers will be high. Even for them if this means going backwards and coming across as sexist.



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