Impressionist gallery & Reflection

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As an excursion for the course we went to the impressionist gallery in Bradford for the day. The gallery itself changes its exhibitions about every 3 months, the exhibition we attended was ‘the roads to Wigan Pier’. We had to find an image which we felt attracted our attention and answer severeal questions given to us about the image.

3. Do you like the image? Explain your answer i do like the image, the image it self is quite ironic as there is a playground is empty and is the connotation of childhood and innocence. And in the background is a industrial view where, its known for harming the enviroment. It can be seen as a sign of the times. 4. Consider the composition – where are things placed within the image? what effect does this have? A lot of sky is included in the image, the main cluster of objects is located in the centre of the picture, the playground is abandoned. ‘abondoment of childhood’. Shows clear contrast between power plant and church.

The image i chose to focus on was by John Kemp, who has over 25 years of experience in photography and has studied art and design. The questions gieven to me to answer were.

1. What is the name of the work and who is the photographer? John Kemp (name of image was not given) 2. Desciribe what you can see? You can see an empty playground and a power plant building in the background. an ‘industrial background’.

5. What is the point of view – where was the camera positioned? Close up or far away? What does this imply? The camera has been positioned central in the images and quite far back. The image may have been taken so far back in order to include the important buildings in the image. 7. What type of light is present within in the image? is it natural or artifical? what atmosphere/mood does this create? 8. Are any relationships formed between the image and other works in the exhibition? Is it part of a series? How does this effect its meaning? 9. What associations does the work have for you? What does it make you think about, how does it make you feel?impressions%20gallery

Reflection: Going to the impressionist musuem was interesting as it allowed me to see other photographers work who i otherwise might not of had the chance to see. The gallery change their exhibitions every 3 months, and the exhibition we went to see was the roads to wigan pier. I have in the past found gallerys to be quite boring as the walls are cluttered with artists pieces of work, and decriptions of what you should be able to see. However with this gallery it was quite minimalistic which allowed me to properly look at the different pieces of work on show, and it also didnt have loads of writing and decriptions about the pices with some images not having anything written beside them. I was drawn to a photo which had no description, this meant i was able to make my own interpretation and draw my own conclusion about the picture. Apart from the image i have included in this blog post, the rest of the images on my pdf page for the gallery were taken by me on my phone. Overall i enjoyed the gallery and thought it was a good experience.

Images i took from google:


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