Article one – The influence of celebrities on teens

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The Influence Of Celebrities On Teenagers

The influence of celebrity culture has always had an effect on the public, with teenagers in particular. In recent years from ‘normal’ everyday people finding fame in new genre of reality shows such as ‘The Only Way Is Essex,’ ‘Made In Chelsea,’ and ‘Geordie Shore,’ it coveys to a teenage audience that anyone can now simply be famous without much talent.

Not only do ‘reality’ television stars have an influence on teenagers, ‘A’ list celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Jay Z, have music in the charts that are popular with teenagers as well as the products they endorse from perfumes to television shows to clothing lines – most celebrities can put their name to a product or to their own merchandise and their target ‘young’ audience are key to buying into it.

Teenagers are more than likely to fall under the spell of celebrities and be influenced by the ’glamorous lifestyle’ they seem to lead.

The American rapper Drake has a huge fan base worldwide, one of his most recognised  songs ‘The Motto,’ which features the slang term  used frequently by teenagers ‘YOLO’ (You only live once). This means a lot of teens have a more layed back attitude towards school work and their future. It also been teens have become more spontaneous in what they do; it doesn’t always end well as in some cases it results in teenagers taking drugs or binge drinking

Popular singer Rihanna has been known to glorify drugs in her time, the newly acclaimed actress who has nearly 30 million fans following her on the popular social networking website Twitter. On several occasions Rhianna has made references to drugs through Tweeting. Photographs have also been posted on her personal Twitter account smoking cigarettes and suspicious looking roll ups. Rihanna has a huge fan base and to be posting these images where millions of her followers will be viewing these images is bound to influence many of her younger fans.

Due to social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – they in turn play a big part in singers and being discovered, as well as making ‘normal’ everyday people famous.

This furthermore shows the celebrity culture expands a lot faster today than it ever has before . Newly established artists such as ‘Justin Bieber’ and ‘One Direction,’ have a massive teenage fan base. This has meant their merchandise such as notebooks and pencil cases sell in high numbers as their main fan base is mainly teenage girls –  they are the target audience with whim will purchase their favourite bands merchandise.

Leonie Loftus 18, has said she has tried smoking because she has seen many celebrities doing it, and it didn’t seem bad or wrong. “obviously its bad for your health, but when a celebrity is smoking they don’t get into trouble, it just seems cool’.

Rihanna is a prime example of having a massive fan base, she has started many trends such as dying her hair bright red. The trend really set off when Rihanna instigated it. A teenager from Wales like many others around the country dyed her hair ‘Rihanna red’ which resulted in her being put into isolation in her high school, as it does not follow the dress code and is an unnatural hair colour. The singer tweeted her support to the student ensuring ‘the hair colour doesn’t change who you are’. As many would find this flattering that a high profile celebrity such as Rihanna has taken the time out of her busy schedule to be able to tweet her support to the welsh schoolgirl. However the repercussions of the young school girl terry have resulted in her being taken out of her normal lessons and school friends. It comes across that Rihanna is merely further encourage the school girl to rebel, and makes it seem ok for her to go against what she is being told.

Just about anyone at any age can take an interest and follow the latest fashion trends, but it seems that teenagers and young adults in particular are more likely to pay attention in what the latest trends and the seasons wardrobe staples. However due to celebrities such as ‘Katie Price’ known for dressing in a provocative manner, this has changed many young girls values and attitudes when it comes to dressing up, resulting in girls wearing less in general. This can also have an effect on younger men as they are more like to view women in a more sexual way, and take advantage when looking at them.

It is understandable that teenagers are more likely to idolise a celebrity who is famous and rich than aspire to be like their own parents. Unfortunately this doesn’t just include the positive parts of the celebrity world.


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