Article one – Reflection

I had many ideas for this article as i was able to write about anything i wanted, choosing a specific topic and sticking to it was a challenge. I wanted to write about something i was interested in otherwise i would have found it difficult to write the full 800 word article. Studying media for GCSE and A-level i have always been aware of the influence of celebrities in general, and i thought i would make it more specific by writing about the influence being on teenagers. Once i had settled on a topic i was happy to write about, i had many parts i wanted to write about i had to make sure i didnt go over the word limit, (which i hit on the dot 😀 ).

One of the things i found difficult about writing this article was the images which went beside it, i had to take atleast 3 images of my own for the article. I was not sure which pictures to take that would go well with the article. And after bad timing i couldnt plan a proper photoshoot using many people, i mainly used props for these images.


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