Article 2 – Reflection

Much like my first article i wanted to find something i was interested in when making the slideshow article. Since im a student too, i was interested to find out how other ‘typical’ students live. I asked some of the people i live with and people living on my halls the ten questions that featured in the slideshow. Once i had asked everyone, i worked out the averages. I took all ten images myself, most of the images mainly included props, however some of the images did include people.

Trying to make the slideshow on wordpress proved quite difficult as it wouldnt work properly. So i had to make my slideshow on and get the link to embed in wordpress, which was a lot faster and easier compared to the other way. One of the things i enjoyed about writing this article is hearing different peoples opionions as not many of them were all the exact same.

If i were to improve anything about this article it would have been to make sure i had enough time to properly plan and take the images for the article and included more people in the images instead of using props.


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