Week 3 – Workshop &Reflection

This week we has to do a social media task and we had to choose one of the following to write an article in pairs. The topics we had to choose from were UK riots in August 2011, The capture of Osama Bin Lade, The controversy over paparazzi photo’s of kate middleton and racist tweets during the olympics. I chose to write about the summer riots in the UK, i had to look at the angle from how social networking was involved. I chose to write about the involvement of the smart phone’s blackberry, this piece of technology both caused havoc during the riots as a majority of people who own blackberry phones  are teenagers and young adults. The app Blackberry messenger is included with the phone when you pay £5 extra a month, this app was used by people messaging each other of places to meet to ‘loot’ and to bring weapons. However this also helped the police in finding people who vandalized and were violent during the riots, as the blackberry company handed over to the police all conversations which were happening during the dates of the riots. We were given some guide questions to asnwer while writing the article theses questions were: What happend and when,what evidence is there that social media was there when this story first broke, what sites and services were involved, what other ways did social media effect the story and do you think the story would have been the same without the involvement of social media.  This article had to be between 100 and 250 words.

Reflection – I found this article fairly easy as i live near where the riots took place, so i knew not only what happend in the places which were mainly hit (tottenham) and smaller towns which were also attacked but did not make the news (Ealing, West london). Having a blackberry phone at the time i was also aware of the fact blackberry were handing over conversations which happend during the few days the riots lasted. In terms of researching the story i knew what i was looking for.


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