Week 2 – Workshop &Reflection

For our secound workshop we had an online survey to complete which consisted of two questions, the survery was in relation to our future after we have completed the course and got our degree’s. These two questions were ‘when i begin work i want to be’ and ‘when i begin work i will expect to be’. After the survey we had the chance to sign up on a online spread sheet for the dates and times we would like to present our pecha kucha presentations and what we would like to do them on. For the rest of the workshop we had the chance to change our blogs around and choose different theme’s for them.

Reflection: This workshop allowed me to get a better understanding of wordpress, as i was able to work out where the main things i will be using were, so i feel alot more confident on it now. It’s also helped me to start planning my pecha kucha presentation on what i would like to focus on and start brainstorming ideas for it. Although the online survey we completed was only two questions it helped me think of where i would like my degree to take me once i have finished university.


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