Article 2- List article

For our second article we are to write a list article which will appear in a magazine. The article has to include a hundred word introduction, followed by ten images which we have taken ourselves, and a fifty word description underneath. The theme of the article much like the first has been left up to us. My first idea for the list article which i had started drafting up was an london olympic games by numbers theme. However i then realised this would not allow me to carry out much primary research needed for the article as most of it was already freely available on the internet which other publications have done a similar article.

I then changed my list article idea to the average lifestyle of a student. This meant i was able to ask different students questions about their lifestyles and conduct my own primary research for the article. I asked ten questions to students who i lives with, lived on the same university halls as me and students from my course.

Some of the people i have interviewed have also agreed to let me take pictures of them to included in my article slideshow.


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