Manipulated images & Reflection

manipulates imagesWe were asked to chose two images which had been manipulates whether it be by photoshop or a painting. And you can talk about the connotations of the image as well as the surrealism of it.

Image 1: –

Salvador dali; the persistence of time. Salvador dali’s work is reknowned for being seen as surrealist art. This image in particular is one of dali’s most known works and was completed in 1931. It was first put on display in 1932, and has been on display in the museuem of modern art in new york since 1934. The overall connoation of this image is about the ‘uselessness’ of time when sleeping. Elephants reguarly appear in many pieces of Dali’s work. The red clock in the bottom left hand corner which is crawling with ants, is supposed to represent death. The colours used in the painting can also represent the sleep state. The colours at the top of the painting are quite light and neatral colours, which symbolises when you first fall asleep your still aware of what is happening around you, so you are able to wake up easily. Towards the bottom of the painting the colours are gradually getting darker untill it is completly black. This connotes the further you are in a dream the harder it is to wake from it, also it could mean the scary nightmares you have, but find it difficult to wake from them.

Image 2:-

Salvador Dali’s Three Sphinxes of Bikini. 1947 Dali painted this after world war two, the united states carried out nuclear tests at Micronesian atoll, Bikini. Many of the residents who occupied the island were evacuated straight away into other parts of the country. Although this image is supposed to represent the nuclear test, from the surrealist way this has been painted it looks as though the nearest object to us, is a set of shoulders, and smoke which substitues as the head. This could represent the mental side of the nuclear test, having to clear families from their homoes to practise with a weapon that can kill people in secounds, ruin homes, and a weapon to primarily to be used in wars. The secound object looks quite similar to a tree trunk and tree shubbery at the top. This could represent the nature side of using the nuclear weapons. Even practising with them, causes harm to the surrounding areas, and by having the tree trunk having a massive chunk missing in the middle is able to clearly demonstrate this. The overall colours clash with the theme of the painting as the colours are mainly different shaded of green which have the connoatation of being linked to nature and new begingings.

Reflection: I found Salvador dali to be interesting in researching him and his paintings. A lot of the same themes run through his work e.g. elephants and the theme of death. His paintings although seen as abstract and part of surrealism, can produce thoughts you might not get with a normal and well explained painting. Finding information about Dali and his paintings which were accurate proved difficult. If i was to re do this piece of work i would ensure i looked at books from the library which had accurate information regarding his paintings. However a positive of collecting information from online is you are able to view different peoples opinions, which can help to form your own.

Bibliography: MOMA%2006-2%20Salvador%20Dali%20The%20Persistence%20of%20Memory%20Close%20Up the_persistence_of_memory_-_1931_salvador_dali


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