Image acquisition timeline & Reflection

For the acquisition timeline we had to start from as early as possible and note down the most important developments in photography, with some including pictures.

1031-1095: chinese scientists experimented with camera obscura, geometrical and quantative attributes were applied.

1839- Photography invented by henry fox talbert and louis dagurrePhotographic timeline

1843- Anna Atkins produced the first book to included photograms. The images were made without a camera , they were placed onto a surface of light sensitive paper and expose it to the light.

1844- Friedrich von martens built a cmaera containing a swivelling lens that can take panorama of 150 degrees. 1850’s – From this decade onwards most phtograpghs were made for a commerical basis.

1858- Felix nadar became first person to take aerial shots.

1860’s- The dagurreotype was being used seen as ‘polaroid’ of its day. Image on a polished silver surface , under protective glass. Brightly lit sheet of paper held so it reflects the mirror like material surface. Image will appear first negative, dark – to light areas then reverse. Instead of normal positive

1872- Edweard Muybridge: Hired to settle question about all horses lighting all four legs in the air when they gallop. He was Successful in doing so.

1878- Numerous glass plated cameras placed in a long line on the edge on a racing track. Shutter was tiggered by a thread as the horse passed. Images were copied as a form of silhetoes to a disc to be viewed in a machine he has invented (200 praxiscope) device has later regarded as an early move project.

1885- George Eastman invented a roll of film used by early film makers and Thomas Edison.

1888- Kodak revolution. Bought out a brownie camera in the 1900’s priced pirced at $, photraphy was available to everyone ‘you press the button, and we’ll do the rest’.

1926- First under water colour photos

1934- Henry fox talbot creates permnament nagative images.

1948 – Poloroid camera invented

¬1963- Poloroid develops first colour film. And Kodak relases its instamatic camera.

1982- Sony introduces its still video camera.

1991- Kodak reveals its first SLR camera

1992- Kodak introduces photo CD

2000- camera phone introduced in Japan

2003- Kodak ceases production of film camera

2012- Nikon releases latest SLR cameratimeline page 1timeline page 2&3

Reflection- This task took quite a while to research properly as the developments of photography goes back so many years. Trying to document it on the timeline accurately proved quite difficult when making this timeline. However i found it interesting when researching as i looked at equipment and facts i didnt know about photography.

Bibliography :—Victory-Home/Get-a-War-Job.htm,r:1,s:0,i:86&tx=104&ty=62220px-William_Henry_Fox_Talbot,_by_John_Moffat,_1864 00n/43/ARVE/G2502/098 imgres muybridge_galloping_horse h2_36.37(25) Kodak_Instamatic_100_1 2457244020_9f6a710e69 longing hogfish_1428_600x450 polaroid 200px-Muybridge-2




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