Frozen image & Reflection

frozen image print screen

For the frozen image task i chose to write about the ‘falling man’ from the 9/11 terrorist attacks in new york.

This image is known as the ‘falling’ man and is an iconic image in regards of the 9/11 terroist attacks. The picture was taken by Richard Drew who was working with Associated Press photo journalists. The identity of the man falling is still unknown, on average around 200 people chose to jump from the world trade centre while the attack was being carried out. This image espically stands out as there was so much chaos happening this picture was able to capture the man falling perfectly, with no blurring.

My Interpretation- The falling man could represent survival of the fittest, from the planes hitting the towers it was instantly filled with smoke and fire. Some people who had no way of escape took it into their own hands to jump and end their lives before further explosions/ attackes were carried out on the world trade centre. The picture shows how tragic the attacks were that people resorted to taking their own lifes, however alothough the amouth of chaos which was occuring at the time, the image seems to be some what peaceful. The man falls straight down from the window, tumbing in the air and at some points falling gracefully. Since the image does not provide any sound effects, it looks as though the whole scene would have been in

dead silence. falling-man-2_525fallingman-lg911-the-falling-man-20090515123420_625x352

Reflection: This image is iconic of the 9/11 attacks, some might wonder how did somebody manage to take this image and distribute it so it goes world wide, as it is even more of a reminder of the tragedy that occurred and essentially a mans death. However it shows the power of human instinct, and this man clearly took it into his own hands to decide what he was going to do with his life. I think thats why this image is so powerful. Researching into this particular image was quite sad, and the fact that he was left unidentifiable. There were many frozen images i could have chosen for this task, but as i have said i found this image in particular to be quite powerful.



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