Week two & Reflection

For this lecture we focused on iconic images and what it is. After we looked at a number of images which are examples of iconic images. These pictures varied from the vietnam bombings to marilyn monroe. After we had a practical task to carry out, we needed to split into groups and recreate our own versions of iconic images, then present them to the class.

Towards the end of the class we were given a task to complete for the next week, this was to find an iconic image and photoshop ourselves into the picture. I chose to photoshop myself into the royal wedding balcony picture. The picture of myself was not of a high quality, and my lack of photoshop skills showed when carrying this task.

Reflection: It was interesting to look at not only iconic images themselves but the historical and resasoning for the specific image being iconic. Going out and reproducing previous icnocic images was usefull, as it meant you had to pay attention to the smallest details in order for your image to be obvious in what its supposed to re-inact.


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