Social media makes the news.

Between the 7th and the 11th of August 2011, social media played an important role in the London Riots aftermath. For many of the rioters who turned up to loot shops and cause havoc, blackberry messenger the popular app on blackberry phones which allows you to talk to your friends for free were in their hands. The looters messaged friends on their contact lists telling them specific places to meet up and what weapons to bring with them. Not only did were blackberry’s used for verbal communication but also for visual purposes too. Uploading photographs of the items they had looted as well as images of the crime being committed. The company Blackberry fully co-operated with the police handing over their customers records between the dates of the riots. Doing so allowed the police to go through all of the messages and start to find the guilty looters and begin to track them down.

Images i took from google:


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