First Reflection

I personally found the initial induction week to be quite boring, i found it was mainly sitting in a classroom with strangers in silence while teachers spoke to us about the course we will be studying for the next three years. The days we were in for the induction week happend during the freshers week, it was not fun having to wake up the next day.

The first proper week of uni was not how i thought it was going to be, i thought we would be siting in ‘american’ style lecture theatres, while the teacher talked at us while taking notes. The course is a mixture of that and sitting with apple macs doing practical work with programes we need to be confident enough to use. As well as watching an old film set in the roman era with two men battling, one who was wearing a bull’s mask.

Living in halls is one of the best things to do while at university as it allows you to meet so many people from different parts of the countries, ages and doing different courses who you would not have met otherwise. That being said with meeting so many new people you find your self in situations you wouldn’t have thought you would be in. For example a fire alarm being set off in the evening and everyone rushing outside in super hero costumes, your housemate proving they can sit under their desk, but getting stuck and having to sleep under it for the night. Being locked out of your room during the night and having to walk past everyone at the su bar in i heart elmo pj bottoms to get let back into your room.  Or having 3 hours sleep and still managing to make it in on time to uni.

I would hope i can develop my practical skills and expand my knowledge in regards of photo journalism, and hopefully learn more about the industry its self to help prepare for when i leave university.


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