What is a Myth? & Reflection

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A myth is a story with a purpose or something to learn from, they have usually been told over a long period of time. Myths try and explain events or phenomenon’s which could not at the time be answered by science.  In ancient Greece many questions were being asked in regards of the weather system andthe universe.  Since science had not yet developed enough to help explain these things, gods and myths were created in order to help people understand. These myths usually involved Greek gods or religion, who was there to teach people on earth the main differences between right and wrong.  Zues is a popular Greek mythology character people reference when talking about myths. He along with his two brothers controlled the elements of the world, and his domain was the sky and thunder. In Greek mythology Zues was known to have a raging temper, which at times caused thunder to striker. When people asked about the weather or why thunder strikes and there was not a reasonable explanation at the time, Zues was created to explain why thunder did strike.

On the 22nd of July 1933 it was reported by a man and woman of a creature inhabiting Loch ness. Loch ness is located in Inverness Scotland and is the largest freshwater lake in the UK stretching over 24 miles. Hundreds of years ago Scotland was occupied by glaciers which eventually melted created the Loch. This myth is still a fairly recent one compared to other myths which stretch back to thousands of years ago. Although one of the first official reports was in 1933, spotting of the creature date back as early as the seventh century CE. Shortly after in 1934 a surgeon named Colonel Robert Wilson took the most convincing picture yet of the monster, when was published in a book. The picture taken was in black and white and quite grainy, so being able to make out whether the creature is real or not in this image proves to be difficult. However it was exposed that the ‘creature’ in the water is a plastic head attached to a toy submarine.

Sonar contact was first made from a fishing boat in the loch in 1954, it was discovered that a large object seemed to be directly under them for some time at a depth of 480 ft. Sonar contact has been made on a multiple of occasions. One being quite recent in 2011, when a loch ness boat skipper took a sonar image of a long 5ft wide creature at a depth of 75ft which was left unidentifiable. A scientist in 2012 ruled out any possibility of it being the loch ness monster, and concluded that it must be zooplankton and algae. However a cryptozoologist has disagreed with this analysis pointing out that algae cannot grow without sunlight, since the loch is very dark and murky it’s unlikely that sunlight would be able to penetrate 75ft under the water’s surface.

Minimal evidence has surfaced over the years to prove there is a creature living in the loch. Many of the pictures and sonar readings which have been carried out have either been a hoax or are highly criticised.

One of the theories which try to explain why the creature is not spotted regularly is underwater caves have formed over the years. However from the type of rock the bottom of the loch consists from it is highly improbable caves have been able to form. However from the sheer size and depth of the loch you would not need any caves to be able to hide in a space that big.

The scientific community regards the loch ness monster as a myth, and explains the ‘sightings’ of the creature as wishful thinking or practical jokes. Not one creature could have the life span to cover the amount of years the sightings have gone on for. There would have to be another creature in order for children to be reproduced. If this was the case, more than one creature would have been spotted over the years.

Over the past years this popular myth has become part of Scotland’s identity which manages to attract a number of tourists to the loch annually. There are a number of solutions which could be carried out to find out if there is a monster living in loch ness. However if it was proven to be un-true the numbers of tourists descending on Inverness would no doubt decline.

Reflection: For our very first piece of work starting uni, i thought this was a fairly straight forward piece to begin with. We were asked to research into what is a myth and chose a myth to write about in more detail. I chose the loch ness monster which is a myth known all over the world. For this task i mainly carried out online research, reading many of the websites dedicated to the myth of the loch ness monster and some news publications especially scottish news papers. Overall i didn’t have many difficulties with this task.






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