What kind of journalist am i?

As a journalist the topics i am most interested in are celebrity culture and politics.

The news sites and blogs i find best for these topics are the daily mail online. This website can be a primary or secondary source for information. As they have professional journalists for research and they are being backed by a well known institution, therefore have to ensure most of their facts are as accurate as can be. Also another site which can be good for following celebrity culture is the social network twitter. Millions of people are now users of the website and so are well known celebrities with verified accounts. This is an easy way to find out new information directly from the well known persons account or another user.

Politics has always been a subject i have been vaguely interested in. However in the past year i have been keeping more up to date with this topic since government has agreed to the rise in tuition fee’s for higher education.  I have found BBC news to be one of the best websites for this topic, as they are able to quickly provide you with all the relevant information  without being biased and therefore clouding your judgement. I have also found twitter to be useful when it comes to this area as news institutions are also on this website.


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